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For payroll, new equipment, new location, cash flow, multiple expenses, unsecured with no collateral

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We have the capital resources to get you the funds that work best to advance your business.

As the back bone of Americas economy, small businesses have the help they deserve – Avanza Capital. Apply in minutes and get funded.

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Benefits of Avanza Capital vs. Traditional Bank Lending

Why deal with insecurity and rejection, simple apply with Avanza to secure the money you need too move forward.

Increase Cash Flow

It takes money to make money and cash flow is king. This being said we know the difficulties of finding capital for your small business. Committed to helping you secure the amount and term that will advance your buisness.

Quick Turn Around

Time is money, except money can be given back. Time however is non refundable. This being said we can get you approved and cash in your bank in under 72 hours vs. the typical 90 day review from a bank.

Spend and Grow

We fund your business with complete UNSECURED capital for what ever you think is best to spend it on for your business. Payroll, renovation, inventory, you name it. Get funded and continue to advance – Avanza.