Equipment Financing

Avanza Capital’s Equipment Financing is used exclusively for the purchasing of new business equipment needed to keep functioning, or to add resources for new services and goals.

Equipment Financing Quick Facts


$10,000 – $500,000


6 to 12 months


Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Time To Fund:

3 – 5 days


  Perfect for resources

  Brings in more income

  Flexible options

  Easy and fast funding


– Equipment only

–  May need additional paperwork

Equipment Financing FAQ

Equipment Financing with Avanza Capital gets your business the new equipment for your business in a flash.  Business owners can use Equipment Financing to purchase new resources that would otherwise be difficult to attain with active working capital.  It’s a wonderful way to add verticals to your business, or just update equipment and machinery for better efficiency.

Who is Equipment Financing good for?


Equipment Financing is a great option when you have a piece of equipment that you’re confident would increase sales if it were to be upgraded.  A business involving driving of any kind could use this financing to purchase a new fleet of vehicles.  A hair salon could buy new hair dryers, or other hairstyling equipment.

What do I need to qualify?

Qualifying for Equipment Financing is very simple and hassle free. We review a number of factors pertaining to your business including credit score, years operational in business, the value of the equipment and the businesses’ financial history.

How much will Equipment Financing cost?

Our Equipment Financing rates are available to business owners at rates as low as 10%.  The equipment that you purchase is used as collateral, so there’s no need to put up anything else, such as your house or the business building.  The equipment you have in mind coupled with an accurate business strategy to increase business will lead you to find that the payments finish sooner than initially expected — making for a great financing option.

Is this the right funding program for your business?

Are clients sure think so.  We have helped a significant amount of small business owners advance in their business with the help of working capital quickly injected into their cashflow.  What are your plans to get a leg up on the competition? We can help, get qualified today. A few minutes to apply can get you working capital for your business.